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Spoiler warning!
This article contains information on in-game secrets or ending details.

Achievements (on PC and Xbox One), also known as trophies (on PlayStation 4), are obtainable through playing Kentucky Route Zero. Achievements are supported in the PC Edition of the game if purchased via Steam or, and in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the TV Edition.

List of achievements[edit]

Act I[edit]

Achievement Jerky.png

I bet a dog will eat it
Share Joseph's home-made jerky with the dog.

Choose the "Here's some jerky from the gas station attendant" option at Equus Oils, at the end of the first scene.
Achievement Carrington.png

Finding Carrington
Return to Equus Oils and find Carrington there.

After visiting the Márquez Farmhouse, go back to Equus Oils rather than heading to Elkhorn Mine.
Achievement Hypnagogic.png

Hypnotize Shannon in the mine.

Find the broken track (bat feeder/scarecrow track), direct Shannon to return before leaving the mine, and stare outward (at you, breaking the fourth wall) while holding the swaying light.
Achievement Act I.png

Act I
Complete Act I.

Limits & Demonstrations[edit]

Achievement Interlude 1.png

Limits & Demonstrations
Complete "Limits & Demonstrations."

Act II[edit]

Achievement Paperclip Labyrinth.png

Paperclip Labyrinth
Follow the bureaucratic loop in the Bureau 3 times.

On the first floor of the Bureau, talks to Clerks Metzstein, Böhm, and MacMillan, then repeat.
Achievement Organ.png

Organ Performance
Listen to the organ performance in the Bureau.

On the second floor of the Bureau, walk all the way to the right and watch Will play the organ.
Achievement Act II.png

Act II
Complete Act II.

The Entertainment[edit]

Achievement Interlude 2.png

The Entertainment
Complete "The Entertainment."

Act III[edit]

Achievement Paper Boat.png

Say something romantic
Watch Flora launch her paper boat.

Find Flora in the parking lot of the Museum of Dwellings, watch her boat float away with Ezra, and choose the poetic dialogue options.
Achievement Phil and Jane.png

Phil and Jane
Find Phil and Jane on the Zero.

Find Phil Morton and Jane Veeder's van. From the Bureau, go counterclockwise to the TV, then turn around.
Achievement Xanadu.png

You died
Die in Xanadu.

In the XANADU simulation, climb down the cave entrance without assistance, or attempt to lean into the hole.
Achievement Paper Boat Distillery.png

Under the horizon
Find Flora's boat in the distillery.

After watching Flora's boat in the Museum parking lot, drive the shuttle to the distillery docks and watch it float by in the river.
Achievement Act III.png

Complete Act III.

Here And There Along The Echo[edit]

Achievement Interlude 3.png

Here And There Along The Echo
Complete "Here And There Along The Echo."

Act IV[edit]

Achievement Patch.png

Patch speaking
Answer the phone in the Rum Colony.

Achievement Happy Tuesday.png

Happy Tuesday
Win the claw game at Sam & Ida's.

On a Tuesday, direct Ezra to go for the headphones, and win them with Johnny's help.
Achievement Sam & Ida's.png

Here, you pick
Learn about 12 dishes in Sam & Ida's.

Direct Shannon to turn the menu page four times when picking out a dish to-go for Clara.
Achievement Act IV.png

Act IV
Complete Act IV.

Achievement Act IV Again.png

Act IV again
Complete Act IV a second time.

Finish Act IV twice on the same save file.

Un Pueblo De Nada[edit]

Achievement Interlude 4.png

Un Pueblo De Nada
Complete "Un Pueblo De Nada."

Act V[edit]

Achievement Map.png

The map
Walk the Seer's earthwork path in the town.

Listen to the dialogue about the Seer's path atop the rock at inside of the spiral, then direct the cat follow the raised mound to its outer terminus.
Achievement Act V.png

"Look for me under your bootsoles"
Complete Act V.

Death Of The Hired Man[edit]

Achievement Interlude 5.png

Death of the Hired Man
Complete "Death of the Hired Man."

Unlock Death Of The Hired Man by meeting Carrington in Act I and completing Act V, then finish the interlude.


Achievement All Done.png

All Done
Unlock all trophies.

Note: Exclusive to PS4.