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FLORA: I drew a picture of Ezra on it before I folded it up. He's my paramour. I'm a romantic.

Flora is a young girl who crosses paths with various characters as they work to complete Conway's delivery. She lives in the Museum of Dwellings with her parents, Annie and George. She is the same age as Ezra. In Act II, she launches a paper boat which can be spotted on its journey in the following acts.


Flora describes herself as a romantic. She has a crush on Ezra, whom she has many secrets with, and is good at chess. She is well-spoken for her age and thinks of herself as very busy.


Flora appears in the following locations throughout the game:


Her name, along with those of her parents, are references to pseudonyms found in James Agee's Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.


  • FLORA: I'm a romantic.
    SHANNON: Really? What does that mean to you?
    FLORA: It means I like poems and rivers and mysteries.
  • EZRA: I don't know what to say.
    FLORA: It's OK. I like you anyway.
  • EZRA: Do you play chess? I'm pretty good at it — better than Julian, but not as good as Flora. She knows how to use every piece.
  • FLORA: I don't have any friends, because I'm so busy.
  • FLORA: I think you need to get some real horses in the stable.
    MUSEUM STAFF: Do you like horses?
    FLORA: Not anymore. Now I like jungle cats. You should get some real panthers in the stable.
  • SHANNON: Do you know where the telephone exchange operator is?
    FLORA: (Singing.) I don't know what that means.
  • FLORA: I am always lucky. It's one of my qualities.