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Cardboard Computer's Patreon is a creator page on the Patreon platform which allows individuals, for a monthly fee of $1 or greater, to more closely follow the work of Cardboard Computer and the development of Kentucky Route Zero. Cardboard Computer started their Patreon on September 7, 2018; in the introduction post, they state their goal of "[finding] a more open and community-engaged development process, while keeping the mysteries alive."

Patron-only posts contain a variety of content, such as spoiler-free development and video streams, articles about process and influences, draft artwork and assets, along with other content such as "one-off short stories, formal experiments, and nano-vignettes." Patrons at the $5+ tier gain access to a development Discord server among other rewards, such as occasional items in the mail.

Cardboard Computer's Patreon page is located at

List of posts[edit]

September 2018[edit]

  • Why Patreon? – September 7
    • An introduction post providing background on the creation of the Patreon.
  • Wow, what a first day -- thank you! – September 8
    • A thank you post, also providing more details about Patreon rewards.
  • The Evening Broadcast – September 13
  • Mammoth Metal Foley – September 24

October 2018[edit]

  • Here's the poster for Act V! – October 3
    • A high quality version of the Act V poster, created by Tamas. A vector version was also posted in the patron-only Discord server.
  • First postcards ordered – October 5
    • Information about mail rewards.
  • WEVP.TV – October 8
    • The second post about Un Pueblo De Nada, focusing on the videos on the WEVP-TV website.
  • Community Assemblage #1 – October 19
    • A post highlighting supporters' personal projects and work, including games, art, music, and writing from the Discord server.
  • KRZ t-shirts & pin now available to order – October 31

November 2018[edit]

  • KRZ Newsletter Archive – November 3
  • Some Musical Inspiration for the KRZ OST- Pt. 1 – November 17
    • Details of specific musical inspirations for the KRZ Act I and Act II soundtracks.
  • VGA Gallery print of Act V poster is available now – November 21
    • A note that the VGA Gallery is now selling prints of the Act V poster.
  • Dev Stream Timing Poll – November 27
    • A poll requesting patrons to pick a preferred time for an upcoming development stream of Tamas working on character animations in Blender.
  • Second postcard order soon! – November 28
    • A note about plans to create a second postcard that will be sent out in mid-December, with pledge amounts locked in on December 4.
  • Dev stream tomorrow - Sat Dec 1st at 1pm CT – November 30
    • Announcement about the first dev stream.