Hard Times Distillery

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Hard Times Distillery is a whiskey distillery located deep underneath an abandoned graveyard and chapel.


Hard Times was founded by Mr. Bishop. According to Doolittle, the facility was originally "only about eighteen-hundred square feet, and half of that or more was occupied by camouflage to keep the law out."

Mr. Bishop obtained the yeast for the fermentation process from a baker in Knoxville, who was later sentenced to life in solitary confinement for "the possession of a controlled substance." He also made a deal to have an accelerant delivered -- a dark, viscous, nameless liquid that still arrives monthly in unlabeled barrels on a horse-drawn cart. The still's design came to Mr. Bishop in a dream and was prototyped using an old tea kettle. For casks, the distillery originally exhumed coffins from the surrounding graveyard. When they ran out, they began building their own.

Hard Times has a long history of dealing in debts, and most of its employees are victim to debt bondage.


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