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Ephemera are collected objects that may be accessed from the player's "inventory" throughout Kentucky Route Zero.

List of ephemera[edit]

Ephemeron D20.png

Twenty-sided die

(Conway keeps the D20 in the basement of Equus Oils.)
Ephemeron Field Notes.png

Field Notes

(Conway jots down various directions.)
Ephemeron Elkhorn map 1.png
Ephemeron Elkhorn map 2.png

Elkhorn Mine map

(Conway and Shannon travel the Elkhorn Mine tunnels.)
Ephemeron Tourism pamphlet 1.png
Ephemeron Tourism pamphlet 2.png

Bureau of Secret Tourism pamphlet

(Conway picks up the pamphlet on the ground floor of the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces.)
Ephemeron IOU 1.png
Ephemeron IOU 2.png

I.O.U from the Hard Times Distillery

(Harry makes a deal for Junebug & Johnny's performance in the Lower Depths.)
Ephemeron Drafting notebook.png

Shannon's notebook

Ephemeron Mammoth logbook.png

Will's Mucky Mammoth logbook

(Will sails down the Echo aboard the Mammoth.)
Ephemeron Keys.png