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The truck burns rubber as its wheels slide onto the pavement of Highway 0...


Highway 0 is a collaborative, free, and editable guide to the landscape of Kentucky Route Zero, a magical realist adventure game in five acts about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky and the mysterious folks who travel it.

Featured articles: Kentucky Route Zero · Márquez Farmhouse · Here And There Along The Echo · Junebug and Johnny · Random Access Self Storage · Articles & interviews · Music

Discover the story of the game by browsing act and interlude:


The game

Featurebox Game.png

... Well, to get there
you've got to take
the Zero.


Featurebox Characters.png

Remember a familiar
face or two.


Featurebox Locations.png

Get lost on the highways
and rivers of Kentucky.


Featurebox Resources.png

Read articles and
interviews or listen
to developer talks.


Featurebox Materials.png

Learn about in-
game extras and
peripheral info.


Highway 0

Featurebox HWY0.png

Help out and contribute
to the wiki.


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Discuss the game with likeminded folk at a comfortable pace.


Featurebox Discord.png

Hub for real-time digital messaging and chatting about all things KRZ.