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A town with no roads leading to or from it is located above the Silo of Late Reflections mail stop along the Echo River. It is the location of 5 Dogwood Drive and the WEVP-TV station, and is surrounded by a forest. The Seer's earthwork path is a recognizable landmark which encircles the hole leading to the Silo.

The town has been inhabited by several generations, the first settlers being the Pueblo de Nada. It was also in the grip of the Consolidated Power Company for a certain amount of time. The town was home to the horses known as "the Neighbors" and to the Out-of-Towner. Bears also previously lived in the town, around the time workers from the Consolidated Power Company operated in it, before moving to the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces. The town is presently inhabited by the presence of ghosts, memories of its past.

It is the main setting of Act V.



The following characters live or have lived in the town before Act V:


  • Dogwood Drive
  • Ash Alley
    • "New quarter" (formerly the "old quarter")
    • "Marsh quarter" (formerly the "new quarter")
  • Dymaxion houses
  • The Seer's earthwork path, encircling the top of the Silo of Late Reflections
  • Aircraft (Demoichelle) hangar
  • WEVP-TV station
  • Barn
  • Houses
  • Graveyard
  • Bell tower
  • Cafe (previously Company Store)
  • Garden
  • Library
  • Old church
  • Small cave

Aerial view[edit]

Old church
Bell tower
Cafe/Company Store
Small cave
Mail stop