Lula Chamberlain

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Flipping through the pages, Conway is able to gather that it's a story about three characters: Joseph, Donald, and Lula. It's something like a tragic love triangle, but much more complex. Some kind of tangled, painfully concave love polygon.

Lula Chamberlain is a Senior Clerk at the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces and a friend of Joseph and Donald.

Life and work[edit]

Lula was born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, but frequented – and loved – Mexico City. Her installation-based artwork is featured in a museum in a retrospective exhibit titled Limits & Demonstrations. She also acted as the set designer for The Entertainment. Sometime before the events of Act II, she had applied to be a fellow at the Gaston Trust for Imagined Architecture but was rejected. She used to live on a street named Dogwood Drive (different from the one Conway searches for) and owned a dog.

Lula is friends with Joseph and Donald from their college days, and the three were involved in a complicated love polygon. Lula helped to build XANADU, but grew apart from the two after living in Mexico for three years without contacting them.


Her name is a reference to William Chamberlain, the author of The Policeman's Beard Is Half Constructed, the first book written by a computer, and quoted in the dialogue for the pieces exhibited in Limits & Demonstrations.