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EZRA: I've just got to call him over: (Yelling) KUK-KUK-KUK-KUK Hyyyyyyyyy-aaaaaaa!

Julian is Ezra's brother and a giant eagle.


When Julian's family was evicted from their house, they began staying at a bus shelter. With Ezra unable to sleep at night, the two flew far and wide, returning in the morning. One day, they returned to find their family missing. Afterward, he helped transport residents' houses from the roofless Museum of Dwellings to the forest at night to help them sleep. In Act II, he helps fly Conway, Shannon and Ezra to the forest so that Conway can get his leg treated by Dr. Truman.

In the beginning of Act III he is seen perched on a streetlight in the parking lot of the Museum of Dwellings. He continues to transport the houses, while Ezra departs with Conway and Shannon in search of his parents.