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Thanks for helping out! Highway 0 is a free, editable wiki, and anyone can participate – no account or experience required!

The current projects page is a roadmap to keep track of current and planned work on the wiki. If you're working on a project, edit this page and list your name under "involved users"!

While we believe these broad categories summarize the highest priority work, there are other entry points as well if you wish to help out and contribute – see the other workAnchorIcon.svg section below, along with resourcesAnchorIcon.svg that should be of assistance.

Project Progress Tasks & relevant pages Involved users Discussion link
Act IV In progress Finish Act IV synopsis User:eli User talk:eli or appropriate talk pages
Adapt/summarize for Act IV "story" on Kentucky Route Zero page
Characters On hold Remaining: Will, Emily, Ben, and Bob, Flora, Dr. Truman, Harry User:eli
Other characters (category)
Map On hold Map & Template:Map, especially for the overworld User:Nclm, User:eli
Soundtrack Future Album & song pages
Soundtrack section on Kentucky Route Zero page
The Zero Future Zero station pages (using Template:Highway)
Route Zero
Intermission acts Future Limits & Demonstrations
Un Pueblo De Nada
Integrate mention of all into synopses/story
Locations Future Almost all location pages, e.g. Elkhorn Mine, I-65, Bureau (category)
Miscellaneous pages Future XANADU, WEVP-TV
Development & reception sections of Kentucky Route Zero
Development images
Images Future Replace all jpgs/images with "draft" in filename
Upload development images (and link them somewhere)
Update key images to 1080p (?)

Other work

There are currently 118 articles marked as "to-do" – feel free to pick a page from that list and flesh it out!

Is there missing content besides everything covered on this page and in that category? Add it!