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The truck burns rubber as its wheels slide onto the pavement of Highway 0...


Highway 0 is a collaborative, free, and editable guide to the landscape of Kentucky Route Zero, a magical realist adventure game in five acts about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky and the mysterious folks who travel it.

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The game

Equus Oils.png

... Well, to get there you've
got to take the Zero.


Cast (Act III).png

Remember a familiar
face or two.


Interstate 65.png

Get lost on the highways
and rivers of Kentucky.


Weird Telephone 2.jpg

Read articles and
interviews or listen
to developer talks.


Highway 0

Act I poster.jpg

Help out and contribute
to the wiki.


Act II poster.jpg

Discuss the game with likeminded folk at a comfortable pace.


Act IV poster-560.jpg

Hub for real-time digital messaging and chatting about all things KRZ.