Kentucky Route Zero Old (2014–2018) Fulltext


conway: Which file should we take a look at?

shannon: Act I (acti)
ezra: Act II (actii)
junebug: Act III (actiii)
cate: Act IV (activ)
carrington: Notes & resources (notes)
emily: Limits & Demonstrations (limits)
harry: The Entertainment (entertainment)
will: Here And There Along The Echo (echo)
weaver: Un Pueblo De Nada (pueblo)


eli: I created this page to assist with research into the game Kentucky Route Zero – to help people remember conversations half-forgotten, or to help out with mapping narrative hypertext structures found in the game.

eli: That said, please don't ruin the magic by poking around in these files too deeply, or spoiling secrets for yourself by looking for dialogue you missed – hopefully, completion is not the sole compulsion for learning the story and immersing yourself in this world. Enjoy.

jake: ... sounds good to me.

tamas: If something comes up, though, what should we do?

ben: He has a Twitter. Just message him.

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