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Hi! I made this wiki. I also help moderate the Kentucky Route Zero subreddit!

You can get in touch with me via Twitter (@frozenpandaman), Reddit, in the KRZ fan Discord server (linked in the sidebar), or via my talk page.

What am I (intermittently) working on wiki-wise? Check out HWY0:Contributing#Current projects, or poke around my sandbox.

Some spam account bios that were curiously KRZ-esque:

  • Elizbeth is the name she loves to be called with though she doesn't really like being called that. Debt collecting has been my profession for some time and I'll be promoted soon. Greeting card collecting is what her family and her enjoy. She currently lives in Montana and she will never move. Go to my website to find out more.
  • Mona, from Stanwell Moor. She's interested in psychology, mineral collecting, and Korean art. She likes to travel and watch The Simpsons.