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Weaver studied mathematics in university. At this time, she also worked as one of [[Donald]]'s research assistants for [[XANADU]]. Along with translation work for the Bureau, she used math to help translate between Spanish and English. She is the inventor of The Formula, used at the [[Hard Times Distillery]].
Weaver also previously worked at [[WEVP-TV]], where she handled the archives. According to [[Dashiell]], she had a "head for signals." In [[Act IV]], [[Mimi]] recounts how Weaver suddenly disappeared from the station, although this was not uncommon given the station's transient workforce. However, following her disappearance, a pirate signal began mysteriously intercepting the station's broadcast, transmitting a video in which Weaver stood in the middle of the studio, facing the camera, and mumbled a strange, indecipherable message that came through only as a sinister-sounding hum. The video came with creepy on-screen captions using a non-standard font, which repeated for a few minuteson loop:
:''"Go underground, as deep as you can go. The air is cool and the earth is damp, and when you close your eyes you are surrounded by the dead. Remember where that is? You'll find your way from there. I think this place is what you're looking for. Some of it will wash away soon, but I think you'll be happy here, even without the mail, school, and these magnificent, tragic horses."''

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