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JUNEBUG: Johnny found some gear — an old tape player. We hid away in an underwater cave and listened to it over and over, and we knew we weren't miners ...

Junebug and Johnny are mechanical musicians, motorcyclists, and lovers. They are both androids who used to work as miners until their escape.

In Act III, the duo encounters Conway, Shannon, and Ezra stranded on the highway. Junebug and Johnny fix Conway's truck, and go on to perform "Too Late to Love You," a song originally sung by Lysette, at the Lower Depths tavern. After their performance, Junebug and Johnny decide to accompany Conway, Shannon and Ezra on their travels.

A wrongle of Junebug and Johnny is viewable at http://kentuckyroutezero.com/junebug.wrongle.


Junebug and Johnny were originally part of a robotic crew manufactured by the Consolidated Power Company to drain Elkhorn Mine after its catastrophic flood. Junebug describes her original build as "about a half-foot shorter, and all gray. No eyes." While in the mine, Johnny discovered one of the archivists' tape decks. Listening to the miner's songs, he and Junebug realized they could be something more, leading them to escape.

Johnny once found a pet frog (or toad, depending on who you ask) in a shoebox on a playground and kept it for about six months.

According to Will, they are frequent travelers on the Echo River.


JUNEBUG: Which star is your favorite?
JOHNNY: That little one in the corner.

The two ran away in the night and have since been adjusting and detailing themselves to appear more human and more like themselves. Junebug now alters her appearance often, such as by dying her hair blue (and later orange, in Act IV), to reject their previous uniformity and to appear unique and "specific." Junebug consistently boasts a half-shaved hairstyle while Johnny wears dark sunglasses and a flattop. They drive around in their motorcycle with sidecar, which they may choose to name the Weird Vector, the Vicious Cycle, or the Sloth-on-wheels.



Junebug is the de facto leader of the duo, and is more cynical, sassy, and solitary than Johnny. She has a biting sense of black humor – often dark to the point where her jokes are more tragic than funny – with which she habitually teases and flirts with Johnny, who she calls her "cricket." She tends to keep everyone else at an arm's length.

Although she buries it in bitterness and denial, Junebug occasionally lets slip glimpses of an identity crisis between person and machine. She seems concerned about genuineness, and tends to dismiss personal problems. At one point, Junebug may explain that she likes looking at porcelain figurines because of how peculiarly non-genuine she finds them – identical figures with their jobs "painted on" – their definition and value being told through little more than a paint job.


Johnny is the more passive of the duo, and often seems distant from the events unfolding around him. He occasionally finds himself compared to a dog, and often stays behind or at the sidelines with Conway's old hound. Despite his assertion that Junebug is the artist – and that he is "only an entertainer" – Johnny appears to be highly creative and poetic. He spends much of his time thinking, daydreaming, composing music, and being distracted by the world around him. He enjoys teasing Junebug, often with her same tragic sense of black humor, and refers to her as "ma'am.

Johnny has a passion for sound and a particular affinity for animals; the duo may explain that he enjoys the digital cacophony of the arcade or the animals at the petting zoo. There are a number of stops along the Echo River at which Johnny tries (often unsuccessfully) to record various sounds with his tape recorder. He calls Junebug "ma'am."

Left: Loretta Lynn.
Center: Junebug's original design, as seen in the Kickstarter trailer.
Right: Junebug's final design, as seen in Act III.


The character of Junebug was originally based on Loretta Lynn, a country singer-songwriter known for her song "Coal Miner's Daughter." Although her final design contains significant changes, Junebug's extravagant blue gown remains a reference to Lynn. Jake has also stated her original character took inspiration from June Carter Cash.