Shannon Márquez

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SHANNON: We all lost people down here. Well, not all of us. But most of us.

Shannon Márquez is a TV repair woman and the cousin of Weaver Márquez. In Act I, she joins Conway on his search for Dogwood Drive.


Shannon's parents were miners who died in a mine flood, leaving her under the care of her aunt, Remedios Márquez. Her family has financial hardships for much of her life. She owns a workshop in the back of a bait shop up north by Lake Nolin, where Wax and Peonia Road meet. Shannon collected feathers as a child, not as a hobbyist collects trinkets, but rather in the way "a clump of dust collects more dust by static electricity."


Shannon is the cousin of Weaver Márquez. Her aunt and uncle are Remedios Márquez and J. Márquez.


Shannon is named after the mathematician Claude Shannon, the "father of information theory," and the famous Colombian magical realist author Gabriel García Márquez.